Global IT Service

Your IT outsourcing partner for success

When you partner with Qualicom Innovations, you will come to expect exceptional service. Headquartered in North America, we strive to develop close and effective working relationships with you and your team. At the same time, our solutions are complemented by our global delivery capability through our international development centers in Asia. This helps maximize your business’ value by providing high-quality solutions while reducing labour expenses and delivering other efficiencies and cost-savings.

Moving your business in the right direction Maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Companies can increase productivity by taking advantage of specialized skill sets that Qualicom has. Our solution can free up your resources to work on other revenue producing activities.

  • Delivering a quality solution
  • Collaborating in an Agile Development process to address your needs
  • Process and Governance
  • Providing global reach with International development centers in Asia
  • Headquartered in North America, working and interact with you in close proximity
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    Qualicom will work with your business and IT departments to leverage leading and stable technologies, putting you on the path to success. Our project management and implementation consulting expertise, combined with our principles of quality and integrity, result in creative solutions delivered on time and within budget.