Retail Solutions

Qualicom's retail management solutions are powerful yet easy-to-use applications that deliver the right set of management features for your store or restaurant. Whether you've just opened your first location or are managing a chain, Qualicom's retail management solutions can not only help your business thrive and grow, but can grow right along with it.

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Retailarc for Stores

Retailarc for Stores addresses the needs of multi-location chains and franchises. It's centralized administration functions provide powerful management and analytic tools for head office staff, while the POS delivers ease of use at the storefront.


Retailarc for Restaurants

Retailarc for Restaurants was designed with food and beverage industry best practices in mind. Its rich features, flexibility, and centralized model are ideally suited to restaurateurs who need a system that can expand along with their business strategies.


Do you have investments in existing back-end systems such as SAP for products and pricing or SalesForce for CRM? Qualicom Innovations is an experienced systems integrator and can interface these or any other systems seamlessly with Retailarc Enterprise.